Buildings Construction

Housing renewal and sustainable, affordable living spaces are now key projects. Our Planning experts create solutions that enable flexible use of space by using cost-effective construction methods.

We have worked with clients in both public and private sectors as part of new construction and modernization projects. Our projects range from urban privately financed housing estates to the publicly subsidized rental housing or dormitories.

Roads Construction

Road construction is all about creating an unbroken passage of appropriate materials that don’t have any geographic obstacles for effective vehicle or foot travel. Any road construction contract starts with the removal of earth and rock by digging or blasting. The task also involves building of embankments, bridges and tunnels, and in the course, elimination of vegetation. Proper designing, approval and planning follow to meet various government standards. Whether we start a road from scratch, re-grade, or just widen the road shoulder; Strong Constructions ltd has a crew to handle it all.

Water SupplyConstruction

In water supply we involve in design, construction and expansion of the water supply systems for institutions and communities. The projects included the construction of a water intake extension, water storage tanks and a water treatment plant and installation of a pumping system and pipelines. We undertake design review, construction supervision and management of the defects liability period including assessment of environmental and social impacts and capacity building.

Hill Side Irrigation Construction

Hillside irrigation aims to increase the productivity and commercialization of hillside agriculture in target areas, enhancing food security and the livelihoods of the Rwandan population. Our core activities include: Construction of hillside terraces, water reservoirs, irrigation systems, and marketing infrastructure; Provision of training activities to develop the capacity of agricultural beneficiaries, entrepreneurs, local governments, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources in a range of areas (hillside land husbandry technologies and techniques).