About Our Company

Strong Constructions Limited was founded by Mr Evariste Manirarora, who has experience in Civil Engineering and Project Management. The company was incorporated in Rwanda on June 14th, 2007 with the cardinal objective of carrying out Building & Roads constructions, water supply and Hillside Irrigation works.

In our 7 years of experience in construction, we have managed to attain a record of Quality and Professional service to our Clients. We have established preeminent bonds with major supplier and manufacturers of construction equipment in Rwanda and outside Rwanda, which in turn have enabled us to undertake extensive Client Projects.

Our workforce is committed to achieving the highest standards in each area of its activities. We also have a working relationships with other firms and individual consultants in fields relevant to each project undertaken, building a strong network consisting of project managers, surveyors, technicians, engineers and more.

Our Vision

Strong Construction Company seeks in general to the creation of sustainable income for shareholders and helps the country to achieve its Vision 2020.

Our Mission

The mission of Strong construction is the following:
- Make the construction of buildings, civil engineering, environmental protection and land survey
- Realize expertise and consultancy in all areas,
- Supply of all kinds of goods and related fields,
- Realize the activity of monitoring and evaluation of construction and civil engineering
- Make general trade; import various items in retail and wholesale.

The company’s unique strength

1. We at STRONG CONSTRUCTIONS LTD clearly understand the intrinsic determinants and dynamics of our chosen areas of business specialization, and how best to optimize them in order to achieve our goals and objectives.
2. We strongly value Corperate partinerships in order to achieve our organizational objectives. We have had to train our staff to be equipped with skills to manage such partnerships because we highly value them. All our partnerships are successful and some are still on going from project to project.
3. The owner of company possesses both the technical academic qualifications and hands-on field competencies in the company’s chosen areas of business specialization and is very involved in the daily management of the company. To the owner it’s not only a business but rather hobbies - doing what they love and making a business sense out of it. The combination of all this gives our company a unique leverage in running projects.
4. Professionalism coupled with “Fair Trade principles” in all the company’s undertakings. At STRONG CONSTRUCTIONS LTD, the welfare of personnel takes precedence and our workers /associates fulfill both their career and personal dreams with the company. This has enabled the company to continuously attract, have access to, and synergy with top-notch professionals. As such, STRONG CONSTRUCTIONS LTD enjoys excellent human resource mobilization capabilities, a unique strength.

Company Management and Promotions

Strong Constructions Ltd is headed by its board but operations are managed by the founder who sits in the position of managing director. He is the the majority shareholder with 83% ownership. He has 12 years of general experience in Civil Engineering and Construction projects. Before founding the company, Mr. MANIRARORA Evariste worked with several construction companies executing the construction of roads, buildings, water supply systems in big sums. He gained experience and it is from this that he developed the passion for creating change within the sector.
He is in charge of the strategic wing of management in raising funds for project success, marketing, motivation of the work force and general management of the company. He has passion for what he does.